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Optuma Trader Services Edition
Optuma Enterprise Services for Bloomberg
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Gann Tool Module

The Gann tools module includes over 40 Gann based tools and indicators, along with several advanced charting styles such as...

Astronomical Tool Module

The Astronomical tool module has long been the ultimate solution for the trader studying the science between human nature and...

Hathaway Tools Module

The Hathaway Tools Module contains a number of tools based on the study of Market Geometry. The module currently consists...

Scott Barometers

The Scott Barometers by Richard Scott help identify an overall upward or downward market trend based on combinations of prevailing...

Olivers Wedge Module

Developed by Alan Oliver, the Olivers Wedge is designed to capitalise on market uncertainty, and ensure you're ready to place...

Jenkins Tool Module

Optuma has coded several of Michael Jenkins technical tools as described in his books and courses, and grouped them into...

Hurst Tool Module

JM Hurst was an engineer and author who pioneered the use of computers to investigate cycles in the markets. He...

DVAN Tool Module

The DVAN SmartLines module for Optuma is a suite of market tools that gives an investor access to Divergence Analysis’...