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Online Courses Olivers Wedge Add-on Module

Olivers Wedge Add-on Module

The Olivers Wedge is designed to capitalise on market uncertainty, and ensure you're ready to place a trade at the start of a trend, maximising potential profits. Alan Oliver, creator of the wedge tool has over 21 years experience in trading markets, with an expertise in Gann and Fibonacci methods with a reputation for making the quantum leap from amateur to professional as easy as possible.

A copy of the Optuma Charting Application is required for Alan Oliver's "Olivers Wedge" tool to work. The one time charge includes all upgrades to the module for life.


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What's Included

Olivers Wedge Add-on Module

  • 2 hour training video on the theory behind the Olivers Wedge tool, and, how to put it into practical use
  • 72 page PDF manual covering topics such as W.D Gann, Swing Charts, Swing Gaps, Active Trend Lines and The Olivers Wedge pattern.
  • Access to the weekly King of Charts video newsletter by Alan Oliver including access to the weekly archive of over 29 previously released videos.
  • Ongoing, personal support, both from the team at Optuma and Alan Oliver himself.

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