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Online Courses ND Research Add-on Module – Subscription

ND Research Add-on Module - Subscription

Northington Dahlberg Research, LLC is a financial markets research firm. Their clients and subscribers include registered portfolio managers, traders, investment advisors, money managers, and financial services institutions. ND Research's expertise lies with quantitative research in Volatility-Based Technical Analysis, predictive relative strength, and portfolio management. It is committed to being innovative, quantitative and transparent.

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"It has been an amazing experience and a complete new way to analyse the market. Now that the trial is finished I must say I canu2019t do without it, there is no return to the old wayu2026"

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Tool Subscriptions

The store price of $50USD is on a per monthly basis. If you currently have an annual subscription the store will automatically calculate the cost of adding the ND Research tools to your account for the remainder of your subscription period.


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What's Included

ND Research Add-on Module

The ND Research add-on module includes all four volatility-based indicators:

  • Support and Resistance
    ND Research Support and Resistance is a volatility-based tool that defines important support and resistance zones on a chart.
  • Volatility Based Momentum
    The building blocks of all ND Research tools. The DLRL and DSRS lines represent a volatility calculation that has taken many years to perfect.
  • Reward Risk Ratio
    The Reward to Risk analysis is made simple by separately measuring the distance from price to support, and from price to resistance. Itu2019s displayed in a simple histogram.
  • Volatility Momentum End
    See in real-time when price turning points are likely to occur. VME works the same in any charting time frame; from minute to weekly bars.

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