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Optuma Trader Services Edition
Optuma Enterprise Services for Bloomberg
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Online Courses Jenkins Tool Module

Jenkins Tool Module

A copy of the Optuma Charting Application is required for the Jenkins Tool Module to work. The one time charge includes all upgrades to the module for life.

Optuma Software has coded several of Michael Jenkins technical tools as described in his books and courses, and grouped them into the Jenkins Tool Module.

Optuma Trader Services Edition is perfect for you if you are trading your own account and you need a powerful tool that enables you to do your analysis, gain insights and easily manage the analysis of hundreds of securities.

Optuma Trader Services Edition includes over 120 tools, indicators and market scans, ranging from the most treasured and timeless indicators, through to cutting edge indicators based on new emerging research.


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What's Included

Jenkins Tool Module

  • Jenkins Arc
  • Jenkins Box
  • Jenkins Natural Ratio
  • Jenkins Pythagorean Triangle
  • Jenkins Secret Angle Finder
  • Jenkins True Trendline
  • Jenkins True Trendline Harmonic

A Word From Michael Jenkins

The "Jenkins Box" was introduced in the advanced section of my course and because of the incredible popularity of this method by traders around the world who made a lot of money with it, Optuma wanted to code it into their program. It starts from a low usually, and from the first impulse high a series of angles are drawn to create geometric boxes that grow in size but are related to the initial impulse seed of the chart pattern.

These boxes expand by a basic factor implicit in the Gann Square of Nine and is also one of the root factors of the Great Pyramid. The actual specifics of the growth spiral is to be found in my course but if you use the Optuma program it is easily and automatically created for you on any chart in any time frame. The growth boxes give you both price targets and most important, time targets for the endings of bull and bear moves.

More Information

If you click here you will see several examples of the Jenkins Box technique as well as all the other tools developed by Mr. Jenkins.

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