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Online Courses Olivers Square Of 9 Video Series

Olivers Square Of 9 Video Series

At one point in his trading career, W.D.Gann took three years leave to go to the U.K to study the past history of selling prices of Wheat. During his meticulous studies, he developed some very powerful and innovative techniques, none more so than his use of the tool we call The Square of 9.

The Square of 9 is so fabulous for traders to understand because it is the only tool that can generate specific dates into the future where a market may have major changes in trend or direction.

Learning this tool has not been easy, and in my years of searching for knowledge I have found it very difficult to obtain the correct guidance to use this tool effectively. Now, with Optuma and with my video presentation on this brilliant tool, anyone can learn Gannu2019s secrets and be prepared for incredible trades.

I am so delighted and proud to present this video presentation for you to make the most of the opportunities on offer. With the help of the Optuma software package which without any doubt makes the use of this tool so much easier, you will soon wonder how you ever traded without Gannu2019s fabulous Square of 9.

The video will prove to you that anyone can do it, once you understand this tool. I will do everything I can to make you a success. You will receive weekly reports from me for free as long as you want them, you have free access to ask questions and receive immediate answers.


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What's Included

Olivers Square Of 9 Video Series

This is a two part video series of Alan Oliver's material on W.D. Ganns Square of 9.

  • The Square of 9 - Part 1 (1hr 33min)
  • The Square of 9 - Part 2 (1hr 43min)

The videos will be presented as online video content within the "My Optuma" section of the Optuma website.

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