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Online Courses A Practical Trading Guide to Gann Planetary Signals

A Practical Trading Guide to Gann Planetary Signals

This 2 part, 3 video series by Alan Oliver covers an in-depth look at the Astronomical techniques W.D Gann used when analysing the markets.

Below is a quick video example of just one of the concepts explained in the material.

A Message from Alan Oliver

History has shown that W.D.Gann created some very unique tools and techniques, yet none has captured so much attention or debate as his work using planets as indicators and signals to buy and sell into markets.

W.D. Gann was not only a Mason but the head of a Masonic Chapter or Lodge, and as such he was bound to keep the secrets and knowledge of the Masons.

Whilst he maintained his oath of secrecy, he did leave behind some cryptic clues which pointed others in the right direction so that by their own research they could uncover the signals which can create major market reversals.

In almost 20 years of trading I have researched these signals. Now finally completing my studies on these incredible tools and signals I am excited to share this knowledge with you.

It is now my opinion, after all my research, that the Planets definitely influence market reversals, a fact I will prove beyond any doubt.

An important note about refunds: At Optuma we always stand by our products. If you feel that within the next 30 days that Optuma was not for you, then we will refund the Optuma portion of your purchase. Unfortunately, due to the incredible value of Alan's video material, there will be no refunds offered on the Astrolabe videos.


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What's Included

A Practical Trading Guide to Gann Planetary Signals

The videos will be presented as online video content, hosted at the website.

Part 1 Begins The Journey

  • Chapter 1 The Planets
  • Chapter 2 The Zodiac
  • Chapter 3 Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 4 Retrograde illusion
  • Chapter 5 Helion Transits
  • Chapter 6 Seasonal dates
  • Chapter 7 The Ephemeris
  • Chapter 8 Price by Degrees
  • Chapter 9 Planets to Price
  • Chapter 10 Price by Degrees continued
  • Chapter 11 Optuma 8
  • Chapter 12 Eclipses
  • Chapter 13 Geocentric vs Heliocentric
  • Chapter 14 Seasonal Dates continued

Part 1 video runs for 2 hours 15 mins and spends most of this time looking at charts examining and displaying the tools in the chapters.

Part 2 Continues With More In-Depth Analysis

  • Chapter 15 Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 16 More Advanced Planetary Lines
  • Chapter 17 Helion Transits
  • Chapter 18 Gannu2019s September Wheat Trade
  • Chapter 19 The Moon
  • Chapter 20 Planetary Angles
  • Chapter 21 Planetary Aspects
  • Chapter 22 Price by Circle
  • Chapter 23 Time by Planetary Degrees
  • Chapter 24 The Other Tunnel Thru the Air cover
  • Chapter 25 The Final Word

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