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Optuma Trader Services Edition
Optuma Enterprise Services for Bloomberg
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Online Courses Lifetime Services – Professional Upgrade (Annual)

Lifetime Services - Professional Upgrade (Annual)

From the moment we released the Optuma Professional Services subscription, a common question we receive from our Lifetime services clients is, can I upgrade?

We can understand why! With additional features such as External Data Access Modules, allowing the creation of custom setups including a Portfolio Manager, Market Intelligence charts, Advanced Watchlist Features (eg grouping and summarising by quartiles), and more, Professional services allows you to take your analysis to the next level.

While it is not possible to purchase a lifetime upgrade to Professional services, the great news is it is possible to add all the extra features available in Professional Services to your current subscription on an annual basis, without losing any of the added benefits that come with Lifetime services such as Signal Testing and unlimited data selections.


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Second Round Offer!

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Upgrade for Lifetime Trader Services Clients

Optuma Professional Services

Included in the upgrade for 12 months....

  • Script Charts
  • Market Intelligence Charts
  • Curve Chart
  • External Data Fields (EDFs)
  • Watchlist Features (eg grouping and summarising by quartiles)
  • Support for Symbol Lists sourced from Excel (XLS) files.
  • Maintain access to LTS benefits such as unlimited data selections and Signal Testing

* Purchase is subject to Terms & Conditions

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