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Online Courses Optuma 2.0 Gann Decennial Package

Optuma 2.0 Gann Decennial Package

The Gann Decennial package takes Optuma 2.0 with the complete Gann Module, and bundles it with 10 years access to the Trader Services level subscription and adds a bonus 5 end of day data exchanges of your choice.

With this exclusive offer you will receive:

  • 10 Years access to Optuma 2.0 and Trader Services with all the features and modules that are included with Trader Services subscriptions.
  • The Complete Gann Tool Module (includes Astro tools)
  • 10 Years access to our professional support services (currently available only to institutional clients. This includes phone support and priority response).
  • 10 Years access to all upgrades and updates.
  • 10 Years access to 10 end-of-day data services of your choice.

The Complete Gann Tool Module

Here at Optuma we wanted to repeat many of Gann's techniques in a charting application so that traders who are not mathematicians could still use his advanced methods. Over the last 20 years we have met with many of the greatest educators who use Gann in their trading, learning how to best implement these tools in an advanced charting application.


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Terms & Conditions

You must agree to these Terms and Conditions (by checking the box under the 'Add to Cart' button) before you can purchase this product.

  1. This offer does not include data that costs us a monthly fee. E.g. exchange fees (etc.) You will need to pay for them, as you do now.
  2. All add-ons must be purchased separately.
  3. Your subscription is non-transferable.
  4. Data is for your personal use only and may not be redistributed (just as it may not be with the package you have now).
  5. This offer is available only to private traders who are managing their own investments.
  6. This offer is for the purchase of a 10 year Traders Services subscription. It does not convey or include any interest or shares in any of the Optuma Group's companies or of Optuma's intellectual property.
  7. There will be no refunds available for this special offer.

What's Included

Gann Decennial Package

  • Gann Square Tools inc 144, 90, Range, Top & Bottom
  • Square of 9 Tools
  • Geometric Scale Locking
  • Square of 9 Chart
  • Square of 4 Chart
  • Hexagon Chart
  • Wheel of 24 Chart
  • 3D Ephemeris and Natal Charts
  • Over 40 Gann Indicators and 20 Astronomical Indicators (including Planetary Aspects, Gann Planetary Lines, Retrograde, Synodic Cycles)

* Purchase is subject to Terms & Conditions

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