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Optuma Trader Services Edition
Optuma Enterprise Services for Bloomberg
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Online Courses CMT Optuma Trial Extension

CMT Optuma Trial Extension

We've put together a way that you can extend your Optuma software access by an additional 8 weeks. Access to Optuma over this same period would usually cost up to $438.00, however, for a limited time, you can secure the same level of access for only $99.00 (saving up to 77%).


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Second Round Offer!

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Exclusive to CMT Students

Extend your Optuma CMT Trial Access

Limited time Offer

Offer expires Dec 31, 2022

What's Included

Optuma CMT Trial Access

  • 2 Month Extension to your Optuma CMT Trial Access.
  • Access to advanced modules eg Signal Tester, Quantitative Backtester.
  • Access to Optuma EOD Data, including US equities and futures, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and FRED Economic data.
  • Ability to connect to 3rd party real-time data providers e.g. IQFeed, Interactive Brokers, MT4 (note: providers may charge an additional fee).

* Purchase is subject to Terms & Conditions

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