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Online Courses Advanced Quantitative Testing with Optuma

Advanced Quantitative Testing with Optuma

How can I be sure that my new trading idea will work?Is there a change I could make that will give me better results?How can I convince clients to invest with me?I like that method I just read about, but how do I know those results are not cherry-picked?

The Advanced Quantitative Testing with Optuma, has been designed to help you understand both the theory behind quantitative analysis and how to practically implement these ideas in your trading ideas.


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Topics Covered

Advanced Quantitative Testing with Optuma

  • Introduction
  • Testing Steps
  • Setting The Groundwork
  • Identifying Signals
  • Testing Signals
  • Testing Trades
  • Signal Based Back Tests
  • Are We Adding Value?
  • Advanced Back Tests
  • Dealing Data Mining

More Information

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