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Optuma Trader Services Edition
Optuma Enterprise Services for Bloomberg
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Online Courses Enterprise Services 1 Year Bundle

Enterprise Services 1 Year Bundle

Purchase an additional 1 year subscription to Enterprise Services now and lock in your savings

You must have an existing Enterprise Services subscription to purchase this item. If you have an existing subscription to a different service level and wish to upgrade to Enterprise please contact


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Second Round Offer!

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Access to all available Data Exchanges

Select from over 50 EOD data selections

Advanced Publishing Module

Generate Reports with Seamless Integration to MS Office

In-Depth Testing

Access Signal Testing, Trade Testing, Back Testing and more.

What's Included

Enterprise Services 1 Year Bundle

  • Access to advanced modules eg Signal Tester, Quantitative Backtester, full Programming Module, Market Breadth module, Command Line printing, and statistical charts
  • Full RRG Charts. Create RRGs of your own portfolio to see which members are outperforming your benchmark.
  • Full Microsoft Office links. Publish your charts to Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. Send a Watchlist to Excel.
  • Access to Optuma Updates and Upgrades.
  • Access to Optuma EOD Data, including US equities and futures, Canada, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, China, Forex, Cryptocurrencies and FRED Economic data.
  • Ability to connect to 3rd party real-time data providers e.g. Bloomberg, IQFeed, eSignal, Interactive Brokers, MT4 (note: providers may charge an additional fee).
  • Ability to add any of the optional advanced Tool Modules that are available for Optuma, eg ND Research, Jenkins Tools, Gann.
  • Discount is calculated using the new monthly price x total months of service included in the bundle

* Purchase is subject to Terms & Conditions

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