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Online Courses CMT Level 2 Prep Course

CMT Level 2 Prep Course

Are you ready for the upcoming CMT2 Exam?

The Optuma CMT2 Prep Course, updated for the 2020 curriculum and includes 2021 updates as they come available, has been designed to help you to prepare for the exam. The video lessons will focus your attention on the most important things which you need to know.

In every administration since 2016, the Optuma prep course has made a significant difference to the number of candidates who pass the exam. Don't leave it to chance, let us help you as you prepare.

Please Note

This package does not include Practice Exams. If you would like to include Practice Exams with your course they are included in the FULL Level courses


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Terms & Conditions

You must agree to these Terms and Conditions (by checking the box under the 'Add to Cart' button) before you can sign up to the course.

  1. You acknowledge that this course is not a guarantee that you will pass the exam. You must do the work.
  2. While every effort is made to provide accurate material, Optuma will not be liable for errors or missing content.
  3. You acknowledge that the Slides, Videos, Notes, Forum Responses, Email Responses, and any other CMT related communication produced by Optuma are the copyrighted works of Optuma Pty Ltd.
  4. You acknowledge that the course you are purchasing is for your own personal study.
  5. You will not share, copy, forward, reproduce or create competing material from any of the Optuma material provided to you.
  6. You will not allow any other party to share, copy, forward, reproduce or create competing material from any of the Optuma material provided to you.
  7. You understand that a breach of these terms & conditions will also qualify as a breach of the CMT Association code of ethics and will disqualify you from obtaining the CMT designation.
  8. Promo codes can not be used in conjunction with any other sale or discount.
  9. There are no refunds on Optuma courses once you access the material.

Lessons Include

CMT Level 2 Prep Course

  • Video Explanation
  • PDF copy of the slides
  • Optuma Workbooks - so you can experiment with the techniques being taught
  • Private Forum where you can ask questions about the material

More Information

You can find more information on the course at

* Purchase is subject to Terms & Conditions

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