Market Analyst & IFTA 2012

We were very excited to be part of this year’s IFTA conference in Singapore, and would like to thank all the members we spoke to during the event. It was an amazing three days, with a wide spectrum of presenters providing a variety of insights into the current state of the Asian markets, and speculation on its future over the coming years.

As a company that acknowledges the importance of high quality education for all traders and investors, we look forward to being a part of future IFTA events.

If you did see Market Analyst 7 and have an interest in adding this powerful program to your current tool kit, we have a special offer exclusive to IFTA members.

Until the end of October 2012, you can purchase the Market Analyst 7 Professional Edition, with Professional services, for over 20% off the retail price. This special offer includes:

Market Analyst 7 Professional Edition

  • Select 1 Regions End of Day Data (USA, Singapore, Australia, Canadian).
  • Compatible with Bloomberg Data (Requires Bloomberg Terminal).
  • Premium Support via Phone, Email, Live Chart and Remote Terminal Access.
  • Market Analyst 7 Updates and Upgrades including access to the new 7.1 edition.
  • Programming Language for in-house development.
  • Market Analyst Chart Messaging for collaboration of analysis.
  • Export WorkBooks to Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF or web hosting.
  • Build 3D Sector Maps from watchlists.
  • Run strategy tests over complete exchanges.

Market Analyst 7

Market Analyst 7 Professional is Market Analyst Software’s best selling edition catering for the needs of the broader trading community, and is used by private traders and investors around the globe. Market Analyst 7 Professional includes over 120 tools, indicators and market scans, ranging from the most treasured and timeless indicators, to cutting edge indicators based on new emerging research.


Often seen as the hub of analysis, the Watchlist in Market Analyst allows you to keep track of securities that you are watching, or possibly have a position in. From the Watchlist you can drag codes to charts and even drag codes between multiple Watchlists.

Sector Maps

When you are searching for the “shooting star” in a market of thousands of stocks, you need the Market Analyst 3D Sector Map. The Sector Map allows you to view the whole market as a surface and then identify any stocks that may be worthy of a closer inspection.


Multiple monitors make a tremendous difference to productivity, with the ability to perform detailed analysis on one screen while simultaneously keeping an eye on the position of current trades. Market Analyst fully supports Multi-Monitors by allowing you to drag charts between monitors and store the charts on all the screens in a single workbook.

Strategy Testing

The confidence to follow a Technical Analysis strategy can only be acquired after rigorous testing and experience. Market Analyst helps you test your strategies and create detailed reports outlining the month by month performance of the strategy.

And much much more…


3D Sector Map

Watch List

30 Day Guarantee

Includes a 6 month subscription to Professional Services normally $2,400.00, for a limited time $1,900.00